Economic Impacts from ComicCon, San Diego

The 45th annual Comic-Con begins today in San Diego bringing thousands of people and millions of dollars to the self proclaimed Finest City in America -San Diego. Continue reading

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Poverty Increases

As was identified in the posting of May 6, 2014, California’s Poor Remain Poor, the US Census Bureau has released a report that supports that estimation. According to the new Census Bureau report, one in four U.S. residents live in “poverty areas,” using data from 2008 to 2012. That’s up from less than one in five in 2000. Continue reading

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This last month, after 7 years of being with a product Quick Blogcast from Go Daddy, they decided to eliminate the product. Sadly, in the process of migrating, they did not provide service to easy shift all of the valuable posts from the last seven years. So pardon the loss of nearly 350 posts specifically the chronological events before and after the Great Recession. We hope to have these valuable postings available in the future, however, it appears that it will take some time to accomplish this task. In the meantime look forward to the regular weekly postings every Thursday.


Tim Johnson

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California Has A Budget!

Votes were cast along party lines and given that there was no need for a two-thirds majority required, the California State Legislature voted yesterday to pass the budget for Fiscal Year 2014. Continue reading

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Stay Tweeterless? A Social Media Backfire

For this year’s crop of college graduates, the use of social media is second nature. However, will these grads’ comfort with sharing their lives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram come back to haunt them as they search for their first job? Not necessarily, according to one new survey. Continue reading

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California Poor Remains Poor

Low-wage workers know they have to enhance their skills to escape their low-wage jobs, but long hours and multiple jobs make skill-building and education nearly impossible, according to a new policy brief released by the Center for Poverty Research at the University of California, Davis. Continue reading

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Soft Job Market

This week Fed Chair Janet Yellen spoke before the Economic Club of New York and focused on her view that the economy is still far from maximum employment and that low inflation is more likely than a jump above 2 percent goal inflation. Continue reading

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Retailers Bought

This past week, news broke about two major; businesses being bought that could change the retail landscape in California.
Continue reading

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