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Soft Job Market?

This week Fed Chair Janet Yellen spoke before the Economic Club of New York and focused on her view that the economy is still far from maximum employment...<< MORE >>

Safeway & Jos. Bank Bought

This past week, news broke about two major businesses being bought that could change the retail landscape in California. First, Safeway a long time California-based grocery chain was purchased. . .<< MORE >>

What are CalBizBloggers Reading?

It appears that two articles have recently caught the attention of our readers.

First, the article - California Economic Developers Own it!, posted March 6, 2013 .

Second, California: More than What meets the Eye, posted September 12, 2013.

Both of these articles are into the tens of thousands of hits.  Apparently, someone
or somebodies enjoy(s) are efforts.

Tim Johnson

Ranking Best and Worst Run Cities

This week, the website 24/7 Wall Steet released its annual review of the Best and Worst run cities in the nation. Sadly for California there are three cities that made the top ten worst run cities. One<< MORE >>


The annual review of the economic forecasts by UCLA, University of the
Pacific and Chapman University have been completed by the California
Business Minute are are now on line for review

Best characterized as in gear but low gear, California's economy
is moving - slowly.  See all of the details at  


California Business Minute to Present Daylong Workshops

Starting in 2014, the experts in grant writing from the California Business 
Minute will begin to offer grant writing workshops across the state.  The 
daylong workshops will provide a extensive handbook and presentation materials 
engaging participants on how to make compelling and persuasive grant proposals
from writing project descriptions to need statements to workplans and budgets
to finding funding. E-mail Tim Johnson at   
for details and to schedule a workshop in your community.

California Economic Developers to Meet

The Annual California Association for Local Economic Development 
conference entitled Taking Care of Business is scheduled for 
April 7-9 in Sacramento.  Contact CALED for more information
by going to or by calling 916-448-8252.

See all of you there!

Team California: Annual Site Location Consultant Forum

The Annual Team California meeting with Site Location
Consultants is scheduled for February 18 & 19 at the
Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad.  This is always a 
informative and insightful event. Contact Team California
at for more details.

Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday, Oh My!

First, don’t believe everything you have heard or read by your local news media as it pertains to the robust holiday buying spree by consumers over Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. << MORE >>

California: Ranked, Rated and Graded - Highlights from September 2013

The following highlights the key rankings of California, its metro areas, counties and cities released during the month of September. For further details see the individual Minutes as identified at << MORE >>

California: Ranked, Rated & Graded - Highlights from August 2013

The following highlights the key rankings of California, its metro areas, counties and cities released during the month of August. << MORE >>


This week the Bay Area Regional Transit, BART and its unions still have not reached an agreement. Governor Brown who had interceded in applying a 60 day cooling off period ending a 4 and a half day strike back in July continued for hope that a strike will not occur. << MORE >>

California: More than What Meets the Eye

I recently received an e-mail from a economic developer from California discussing the issue of governors from other states coming to California to recruit business. However, before I could respond to his e-mail, I noticed several economic developers from across the state responded with concerns regarding this activity, hence the reason for this commentary/posting. << MORE >>

Seceding From California

The week the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to pursue seceding from California. << MORE >>

CALIFORNIA: Ranked, Rated & Graded, July 2013

The following highlights the key rankings of California, its metro areas, counties and cities released during the month of July. << MORE >>

Recruiting a Hooter’s: An Economic Developers Conundrum

This week I was involved in a job interview for economic development in California. During the interview, a panel member asked the following question of me. If the City Council directed you to recruit a Hooter’s how would you handle the responses from the community offended by such an action such as from seniors and religious organizations? << MORE >>

Time to Apply - New Market Tax Credits

The Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund has officially opened the eleventh round of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) allocation applications with the release of the notice of allocation availability (NOAA) << MORE >>

Hollywood Summer Blockbusters 2013 - Bust?

This year Hollywood has released more movies in a window of time than ever before under the term “Summer Blockbusters.” Unfortunately, the numbers of films and their high costs have caused a conundrum for the industry. Will good movies– << MORE >>


OK, if you haven’t begun your vacation you probably are getting ready to do so. So whether it is by the shoreline of the ocean or lake or up in the Aspens or evergreens here is the California Business Minute’s suggested Top Reads for the summer of 2013. << MORE >>

California: Ranked Rated and Graded, June 2013

The following highlights the key rankings of California, its metro areas, counties and cities released during the month of June.<< MORE >>